Preventative Maintenance

At Alford Air, we are proud of the preventative maintenance package we’ve put together for our community. Although we ALWAYS enjoy seeing our customer’s faces, we work to ensure it isn’t because of a malfunctioning HVAC system!

The best way to avoid major (and expensive) problems in the future is to have your system checked out and cleaned regularly. Whether or not you have worked with us before, we are pleased to provide preventative maintenance packages with bi-annual system tune-ups and cleaning.

 Alford Air Conditioning and Heating performs all routine maintenance on units, no matter their make and model.

For only $185 per year, you will receive a fall and spring system cleaning and check-up. If any major repairs or replacements are found necessary during your bi-annual visit, you receive a discount on any parts needed.

Don’t rely on chance! Take action now to help protect your home or business from an HVAC catastrophe in the future.

Our technicians take their profession very seriously. They are trained extensively and possess a wealth of HVAC-related knowledge. From changing filters to cleaning ducts, a lot goes into HVAC system care that most folks might not realize. Let us worry about that for you!